This product was delivered in a wooden box in a snow storm on a hill.

    Dropped off by a war ship from the Late Middle Ages.

    Registered and manufactured biological machine.

    A Human Resource for the wretched evil blinding hands that feed.

    From shining golden bloody regalia, a multifunctional paraphernalia.

    Nullified blind souls seems the agenda.

    A Robot that was most likely made in China.

    Named and numbered. Scanned and tampered.

    Made to follow a million orders.

    A rag doll to be dragged around. A treasure for the lost and found.

    Amidst the smoke and drunken mirror tricks.

    A broken boy tares out of dragon ribs.

    He looks around to know where he had lived.

    A broken toy inside a monster's crib.

    On November 27th 1982, Pascal Leo Cormier was born of the womb of his Eathly mother. A handful of hair and a lazy eye, a throat infection and a clouded sky. It took no time for him to recognize that he was in fact very much alive.

    His mom and dad took pride in he . They took him home under their wings. They made a new born living baby. Named him from the dictionary.

    He kicked and screamed and kicked and screamed over the sounds of lullabies. He lived in great and awful fear of falling in the after-life.

    He found a pencil. Found a pen. Found a xylophone to tend.
    He set out to draw on the walls all of the things his Maker said.

    He played the notes that sounded loud and sang a song within his heart.
    He knew then in his tender mind that he could never ever stop.

    He would play the part of a lonely heart in a world full of decay.
    But never would he recognize the dirty beast authority.

    Now a man he lives inside a cave deep in his heart.
    He promises to paint the world a revolutionary war.

    Before he dies he'll have you know his love for you is real.
    Before it's time to say goodbye he'll use up all his tears.

    Compelled to clear the smoke and mirrors so we can all awake.
    He'll draw his sword towards the sky and paint it all away.

    Have no fear. Have no despair.
    He was born a clown and raised by bears.