• Born on a cold November day in 1982, Pascal Leo Cormier was raised in the small French Canadian town of Robertville in northern New Brunswick where at a very young age he became fascinated with the capacity to creatively put shapes, sounds and colors together to communicate. In between baseball games, and eventually skateboarding sessions and band practice, he spent most of his childhood and teenage years alone in his bedroom perfecting his craft of expressing his thoughts and feelings through arts and music. With limited access to art supplies, Pascal’s work was often restricted to colored pencils and ink, mediums which he pushed to create often surreal, elaborate drawings.

    As a young adult, Pascal moved to Moncton where he first started his professional journey as an artist, exhibiting his work in public spaces and art galleries. That is where he started working in watercolour, and later, primarily in acrylics on canvas. He began working in an art supplies store and soon became close friends with many artists, art students, and art teachers, spending a lot of his time in the arts department of the University and in art centers where he eventually rented a studio. Pascal's work was featured in several newspapers, magazines, television, books and promoted on radio shows. He taught art classes, both privately and to groups, gave multiple presentations at schools, and also curated several group exhibitions in the area. 

    In 2011, Pascal Leo Cormier moved to Montreal where he lived and worked as an artist and curator for the better part of ten years. From there, he exhibited and sold his work both locally and internationally. 

    Pascal's earliest work was heavily influenced by his interest in cartoons, skateboarding, and punk rock culture, and quickly evolved as he became acquainted with the works of Hieronymus Bosch and Salvador Dali. Soon after, he studied artists of the pop surrealist and "lowbrow" movements, a niche in which he found a home for much of his life. In recent years, however, Pascal’s approach has evolved towards a more daring and mature contemporary style, in which he presents frames within frames. While still occasionally invoking some of the satirical, pop culture elements he has grown fond of over the years, Pascal uses this new “framework” to explore the idea that there is always more to what we are looking at, and that something is always looking back at us.

    In 2019, Pascal married his wife, artist Kristal KC, and they moved back to New-Brunswick together with their first child. Now a happily married father of two, Pascal Leo Cormier lives in Fredericton with his family where he continues to paint visually striking works of art and create music at every available moment.