Possibly raised by bears, as the legend recalls, Pascal Leo Cormier was born in north of New Brunswick, Canada where he developed an obsession with the ability to choose shapes, stories and sounds. He eventually spent many years creating and exhibiting his fragmented pigments in Moncton, N.B. and Montreal, QC. where he also curated many group exhibitions. His work has since been exhibited, published and sold internationally. As of recently, through many storms, Cormier has been back in the land of New Brunswick where he lives with his wife and children. Pascal Leo Cormier has been called by many names; a clown, an art guy, crazy, a music guy, and a fool. All is true to someone somewhere, but now that he is mostly called “daddy”, he spends his time at home with his little family, painting, composing, loving and staring into space while wondering if molecular machines fly or swim.